The Perfect Tower II – PowerPlant Building Path


A layout building path to follow from start to finish.

Start Here!

This is a building path to follow to minimize upkeep costs in the early game as well as minimizing the amount of buy/sell needed as you progress. Positioning is VERY important, so don’t just pick any line to start on. Lets get started.

Once you have 4x plasma patterns (20 turbines), you don’t need any more, as it will eat into your max battery without effecting the bonus at the time you hit the Power button. There is an alternative plasma pattern that is just as effective on a per-tile basis, by simply removing the plasma pipe and having 3 turbines connected instead of 5. This gives you a choice between patterns for either 30k power/tick or 50k/tick, allowing you to to hit multiples of 3 or 5 (like 160k using 2 of each pattern) if you decide you want a different ratio of power generation to max storage.


Due to a bug involving plasma pipes, the better pattern is to remove the pipe and connect 3 turbines directly. This also has endgame use, by alternating orientation to reach the maximum Power per tick.

Don’t forget to go back and make it look pretty some time!


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