The Perceiver: The open world inspired by Sekiro is shown in a very long gameplay video



    By viewing the game video, we can learn a lot of news about the mechanics, which were heavily inspired by FromSoftware. The protagonist of The Perceiver can use a grappling hook to move easily around the scenarios and even apathetically hit the enemy. The combat system really has a similar effect with Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, and the players, from its base on the parry and counterattacks, can come back to life after a defeat in the hope of the mechanic of the shamor. During the long game session played on PC, developers showed a boss fight that you will fight against a bunch of enemies, and in a way that he shows how difficult it’s to stay a constant stand for multiple opponents. The video explains that there is a possibility of entering the plays on the same side of the protagonist who works in different ways and in the different parts of the gameplay.

    The developer does not have an update date. The reference platforms are only PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox 5.



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