The new Warzone map is accused of being a rip-off of Verdansk.


    Verdansk will forever be fondly remembered by Call of Duty players, alongside the Black Ops 1 zombie craze and the MW2 high-rise multiplayer era as one of the most series-defining scenes of all time.

    But the map is now gone – except for Warzone Mobile – and the devs have made it very clear that Verdansk will never return. Or have they?

    Warzone’s next map is coming later this year, and ahead of its CoD Next reveal, a single screenshot of the map has been aired, and fans noticed it looked a little too familiar.

    Call of Duty reveals the first look at the upcoming Las Alams Warzone map.

    The upcoming CoD Next Showcase on October 5 is set to reveal what Modern Warfare 3, Zombies, and Warzone have in store for players, as the next wave of releases and major updates are set to begin.

    Most will be wide-eyed seeing the MW2 class re-animation of High Rise and the 2009 map pool, but this will also be the first time we’ll see a map of Las Almas, featuring classic POIs.

    Ahead of the showcase, Call of Duty fans were given a sneak peek at what’s in store, featuring a new map. Even though it’s just an image, players can clearly see a distinct Warzone palette, as a range of different scenes are visible.

    We’re not alone in seeing that there’s a river leading to the downtown area, a Middle Eastern island area on the left, and a busy and familiar harbor on the right. Fans have immediately drawn comparisons to other maps we’ve left behind.

    Warzone fans all agree that the Los Alamos map looks very similar to Verdansk.

    Click to enlarge.

    From just a small piece, Verdansk’s inspiration is clear. Players immediately noticed similarities in the Port POI from the OG map, including the cargo crates, flowing river, and cranes seen in the show.

    It looks a little too similar in my opinion. I’m hoping it’s not just MW3 meets Verdansk. With copy and paste of POI, it feels like a cop out.t,” one fan said on Twitter.

    Some have also noted that there are a range of replica buildings, including the fire engine towers that populated Verdansk and often housed Big Bertha trucks.

    The image apparently has divided opinion, though, with half of the community begging for something brand new (which is being dubbed Las Almas in keeping with its Mexican influence) and others conceding That Verdansk 2.0 could see a tried-and-tested formula that doubles the passion. for the game.


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