The Last of Us versus The Last of Us Part 2. Which is better?


    The series of The Last Of Us became one of the most loved games in the game. First episode is considered one of the symbol of PS3 whereas First of Us Parte II has become one of the best games ever released on PS4. Which of these two are the most influential? We would like to compare them.

    The Last of us is ours.

    Having already made his mark on PS3, with the trilogy of Uncharted, Naughty Dog wants to raise the bar before announcing the third home console of Sonyand, with the re-thinking setting and atmosphere, beginning the long journey of Joel Ed Ellie through the post-apocalyptic America ravaged by the ghosting of the sea serpents – the ultimate steward of the planet of the bourbons that transformed humans into deserted creatures with hunger for mankind To further enhance everything, there is a cutting-edge technical sector, and a gameplay that mixes action and stealth effectively, alternating narrative, exploration and combat with a clever rhythm.

    For this reason The Last of Us was considered a masterpiece by critics and audiences, both in the original and in the Remastered version of the PS4.

    Two parts of the last of us are the second.

    The last of us part II debuts on PS4 in June 2020. And, just like the last chapter, the second book is, for example, also among the best produced on the Sony platform. With the new The Last of Us, Naughty is trying to save the worst of the world by making it to the first, one, and last, the other, to improve everything.

    The story is even more ambitious in an narrative style, with a story whose direction is completely unexpected, capable of surprising in an even more incisive way than in the past. If it were true that not everyone enjoyed any of the twists staged in this sequel, the screenwriters of Naughty Dog must be recognized for the courage of being overturned – even at the cost of disappointing some players.

    The icing on the cake is an audiovisual industry that makes that more sense for PS4 and PS4 Pro. The Last of Us Second has sold over 10 million copies, making it a classic on PS4.

    It’s difficult to say which of these two games is actually the best one: both are always considered fundamental to PlayStation’s history, with numerous qualities all on all fronts. So the word goes to you: Who is the best exponent of the Naughty Dog series?


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