The Gecko Gods introduces a switch version



    The Gecko Gods computer pc will open up and launch for Switch with its previously announced PC (Steam) version in 2023, on Super Rare originals and developer Inresin announced.

    This is a summary of this game, with the Steam page.


    The Gecko Gods is a chill puzzle platformer in which a small gecko is able to search a mysterious island while trying to save his friend. With fun and fun gameplay that allows you to climb, solve ancient enemies and clamber through the crumbling ruins of a collapsed society, and if you go downhill and eat the bugs, you’ll go and get hungry.

    Key Features

    • Hidden Treasures, and exploring a wide open island of secrets and collectibles, dive into ancient tombs and complete the puzzles within the mountainside of geckos, or climbing the gecko.
    • Experience the Lost Civilization Featuring smooth actions, a stunning original soundtrack and combat-light gameplay, The Gecko Gods is a story filled with adventures all over the world, a place that once happened to be forgotten.
    • Play It Your Way Exploration? Head-scratching puzzle-platformer? Anyone who is willing to finish collecting items? Learn the lore of the island and all its greatness and enjoy it.

    Watch a new trailer below.

    Switch Announces its trailer.



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