The Game Makers Toolkit named the Most Innovative Games of 2022 by Neon White


    There has been rumors that Neon White will probably be released soon on Xbox and Game Pass, but the developers haven’t yet confirmed that. In mid-2022, the project was released on Switch, PC, and recently, also on Playstation. Only players on Xbox, based on current gaming platforms, have access to this unusual shooter that comes with a touch with platforming and puzzles.

    Is Mark Brown the author of the Game Maker Toolkit channel and an expert in the game design and production? In 2022, Neon White won the award. According to Mark Brown, Neon White makes everyone feel like a speedrunner, and its developers have completely re-read the action platform genre. In a separate video that focuses on Game Makers Toolkit, the author-journalist explains how they achieved success with Neon White.

    Game Makers Toolkit presents its award in 2014 to the most innovative games, won in this category: Her Story, Event[0]Snake Pass, Return of the Obra Dinn, Baba Is You, Watch Dogs: Legion, The Forgotten City.


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