The free game available from December 20 on Epic Games store is available, so it’s a reference to the FPS



    Game news The free game from December 20th from the Epic Games Store is available. It’s an FPS reference!

    Published 20/12/2022 at 19:07.

    Now the holiday is now by Christmas on the Epic Games Store that offers one game per day for free. After the fighting game Yesterday, Thems Fightin Herds turned into the program of the day.

    A FPS that changes the history of the world is a changing one.

    Not to wait for holidays for the Epic Games Store, which has grown as generous every year with many products, one or more of the games listed each week. However, as Christmas is a good time for gifts, the digital store does not miss the opportunity to offer a free title per day, such as a video game calendar. The Old Order is hiding behind the window of the day – Wolfenstein is the original creation by MachineGames, and whose name is the FPS published by Bethesda Softworks. This service takes 24 hours, in a short time, and so will 5 p.m. TomorrowFPS enthusiasts can likewise get their hands on a title that was first introduced in the genre.

    When the new order was announced in May 2014, Wolfenstein offered a scenario in a uchronic context where Europe in the 1960s became a Nazi domino, and a victory over the Allies during the Second World War in the Soviet Union. As an ex-American soldier named William B. Blazkowicz, your aim is to scuttle the Nazi regime with the help of a resistance group. As long as it’s fun and effective as it is because of the high number of votes that we recorded at the time, it’s likely you’ll be able to take the time to learn more in its company.

    An advent calendar with video games.

    It’s a tradition that the Epic Games Store has been continuing for a few years. Aside from the free games that the store offers all year long, this is the day’s peak. From the 15th of December to January 15, the platform provides one game that you can download every day. In this, it’s the New Order Wolfenstein – and this until another takes his place: tomorrow, from 17:00. The claim was left in the face opposite, well don’t you mean to take your mind over and find out which game would be given tomorrow, would it be famous small plastic bricks?

    While some may seem skeptical to see this gesture through a generous gesture, arguing that the titles offered are far from the quality of some blockbusters, it should be noted that more excellent games have been provided in the past. This is particularly true for the game Preytitle, developed by Arkane Austin studio (currently developing Redfall for Microsoft), but also for games Control. On the other hand, it’s the perfect option for the gamers looking for new games without breaking the bank as the holidays make it around.

    Prey et Control.



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