The frank character is unique to Disney+ series


    Considering the fact that Charlie Cox was back in the role of Daredevil in Disney’s Daredevil movie, many fans are wondering if it will be a different version of the character that he played with Netflix for a couple of years.

    In a recent interview with iNews, Cox said that he doesn’t think his character will be new or changed. Instead, Cox said, Matt Murdock would like to go through a different period of his life.

    I don’t think that that’s a different character, said Cox. I think it is probably a different period of his life. I don’t think my interpretation will change. They hired the same actor. Were we saying this is a whole new era? He pauses for a moment. It doesn’t bother me to read the scripts. But, look, its part of a multiverse?

    Cox credits the new way to play Murdock for his recent comeo appearance in the Disney+ series She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. According to Cox, The smoking tone of She-Hulk gave him a new perspective on Daredevil, a concept that he anticipates will come into Born Again.

    I wouldn’t think anyone should read as long as they were told, Cox said on the show name, which refers to one of the most iconic comic stories in Daredevils history.

    Dangerous: Born Againhails from Matt Corman and Chris Ord, who both serve as executive producers and Kevin Feige will also serve as executive producers. The series is due to go on Disney+ in spring 2024.


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