The fans of the show will remember the memory of Jeffrey Dean Morgan in season 4 of The Boys for a long time


    The Boys fans don’t know who Jeffrey Dean Morgan will play in the fourth season, but black Noirs Nathan Mitchell said hell be a memorable character.

    At the film Dweeb (around the 17:36 mark), Mitchell asked how Morgan joined the series:

    I think he has an asshole and he’s an asshole. We see some different people in the plot as well. If you know how much about this character, the good part is to show them different stories and characters. I think Jeffrey Dean Morgan will play a role that fans can’t remember for a long time.

    Morgan has been cast on The Boys for the fourth season of August 2022, but he hasn’t come to the moment for his role. The actor, known as the actor’s role as the Negan on The Walking Dead, has already become into the superhero genre with his role as The Comedian in Watchmen (2009).

    As for Mitchell, even though Black Noir died in The Boys’ season 3, the actor returns to the superhero costume. In that interview, Mitchell talked about the possibility that some different versions of Black Noir will come from those characters.

    At the moment, there’s no information about the release date of the fourth season of The Boys.


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