The entire Mortal Kombat 1 story has leaked online


    With every passing tease and social media video, it’s becoming clearer than ever that the new Mortal Kombat experience is going to be a banger.

    Now that Megan Fox is confirmed to be part of the game’s lineup, it appears Ed Boon’s focus is solely on making sure that the game is great fun. That’s all we can truly ask of a Mortal Kombat game, even though there are many who remain incredibly dedicated to the narrative of each passing title.

    Now, it looks like the players who are in it for the story won’t even have to wait around for Mortal Kombat 1 to come out on September 14. As it turns out, the entire story is out there already.

    The entire Moral Kombat 1 story has already leaked

    NetherRealm is fast but the leakers are faster, as the full Mortal Kombat 1 story has broken through and appeared on the GamingLeaksandRumours subreddit. it’s much to the behest of those who wanted to wait for the brutal brawler to launch to soak up the narrative of the title.

    The full story has leaked (though its validity is yet to be confirmed) thanks to the fact that streamer K33n got their hands on an early copy and has streamed the entire campaign mode twice. The poster on Reddit made notes and has developed a full synopsis of the story.

    The story itself is yet to be confirmed by NetherRealm (and likely won’t be until the game’s release) but others have watched the stream and confirmed the validity of the synopsis, meaning that this is the closest we’ll get to knowing the true narrative of MK1 before its launch. 

    Fans react to leaked Mortal Kombat story

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    Plenty of players have dropped to the comments to leave their thoughts, and though many are pretty spoiler-heavy, some are simply praising (or dissing) the narrative of the game.

    I actually read all that,” says one fairly enthusiastic commenter. “Seems like a good story. A couple things I was confused by but I’ll just play through the game myself to fully understand everything.

    The story is actually really good for a fighting game standard,” says another. “Until the last two chapters, holy s**t the writing just dipped to the lowest pit of NetherRealm.

    It looks like a pretty fascinating way to lay out a story for a fighting game – but then again, we had to expect some kind of newness for the twelfth new mainline instalment in an age-old franchise. Change is coming, and for many, that could be for the best. 


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