The Disgaea 7 trailer for Fuji is the latest in a generation


    Nippon Ichi Software released the first video that goes into the disgaea 7 series. The first is the photograph of Fuji (ah, ishikawa’s aka).

    Here is a short description of Fuji. We saw this for the first time.

    He is a dangerous demon, cheap, and lazy, a demon like that of Hinomoto, with a devilish personality rarely seen in the word of “Mafio” that uses Bushido’s way.

    He was taught how to fight in the battlefield when he was young. And with the motto: “If you win, youre a hero; If you lose, youre a servant, he will do anything to win, whether it means a surprise attack or foul play.

    He has an allergy to human-like expressions, and so can cough up blood whenever he feels that human emotions like love, friendship, or sympathy are what have happened.

    Now is the full schedule for the forthcoming character trailer!

    • Jan 11 – Piririka
    • John 13 Jan.. The wey-yasu border has arrived.
    • January 16 Seefour Seefour.
    • Jan. 18 Suisen.
    • January 20.
    • January 23 Higan Zesshousai signed up.

    Disgaea 7 is expected to run for Xbox 5 and Xbox 4 on January 26, 2023 in Japan. Read more about the game here, here, here, and here.

    Watch the trailer below.

    Fuji Trailer


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