The Dirty Brown Smelly Secret: Poo Farming



    Ever wonder how players manage to fertilize large fields? Especially when worm farms are so slow and having only a few pleeps and wombats provides so little water for composters?

    Po Farming Guide

    Turns out animals, flowers, crops, and ore/technology aren’t the only things you can “farm”. Poo farms, or day-filled cages/enclosures, can provide large quantities of roo-poo to fuel a bulk composter:

    Ideally, you build a wall with a proper fencing system near your composter (and farm animals). Then you go about filing it with the rom holding it. The easiest way to do this if by a vehicle at night, with cages and a flashlight/torch that can be used to temporarily stun the roof, very easy capture. Drop the roses into the poo form enclosure and wash, rinse, repeat until you have a large number of regularly popping roses. To prevent the game from staying de-rendered for long periods of time you need to pass the enclosure regularly, as unrendered roses don’t pop. If I am working in this area of ​​my city my poo farm can produce more than 200+ poo per day.

    You can also combine composters with worm farms to reduce dependence on composters.

    So for those of you trying to get into the big farming business, crops aren’t the only thing you’ll be growing!

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