The challenge to Tinykin is now available



    Tom and Simon release the Challenge Update for Tinykin, which adds new time-attack challenges in each region of the game. Completing these challenges rewards the main character with new outfits.

    The Challenge Update is our gift for the players who saw everything in Tinykin and are still hungry for more, said tinyBuild in a press release. After you complete the rooms main quest, you’ll find a pair of new Hornet characters. Don’t worry. They don’t sting they’re much more interested in racing. Challenge them on the courses they’ve set up in Transidor, Sanctar, Foliana, Balnea, Ambrose and Celerion (in one short and one long course per zone), beat their gold medals and celebrate their fashion. Plus, maybe some more surprises for those taking the extra mile and who finish Tinykin 100%.

    You can now buy Tinykin for PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC via Steam.

    Watch a new trailer below.

    The Accolades and Challenge Update Trailer.



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