The Chainsaw Man Meets Godzilla gets an official release window


    On Dec. 15 to 2022, manga fans and anime fans got a special treat, as a teaser trailer for the Kaiju, no 8 cable was published. In a quick and concise video, a release window of 2024 was shown off, so far far larger than most fans had anticipated.

    Kaiju No. 8 follows Kafka Hibino, a man who can’t fulfill his childhood promise to one day fight the Kaiju threat, which plagued Japan. After being beaten and killed by one of these monsters, Kafka suddenly finds himself in the power of being one of the Kaiju.

    I don’t just eat any more vegetables in the garden. He’s strong enough to earn his own number, eight. Kafka quickly finds that his new abilities give him the perfect chance to pass the test needed for a Japanese military service as long as he enlivens his Kaiju side.

    That studio is producing the anime, Psycho-Pass: Providence, the upcoming movie and the Heavenly Elusion anime. This might be reasons for the fans to wait for Kaiju No. 8 till 2024.

    If you loved the Chainsaw Mans first season, you’d want to take care of that. We’re so sure we put Kaiju no. 8 in the current manga series, which can become the next Chainsaw Man.

    If you’re intrigued by the trailer and want to take a peek into the story, there are currently four volumes of the manga available in English. VIZ Media even offers a free preview of the first volume.


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