The Boys’ spin-off will be mysterious with a lot of gore



    The Generation V, established in the hallways of Americas only superhuman-only school, a spin-off of The Boys, takes fans out of the glitter of Vought Tower and the Seven to the place where everything began.

    As usual, the series would have been a mix of two boozeballs that happened when they were snagged by The Hunger Games, followed by Eric Kripke later revealing that was doing all we could to create a universe where some of the issues and stories from Season 3 have spread over into Season 1. Next Generation-V season Now, VP of Amazon Television explains how two series compare:

    This young ensemble is very very good. We have good relationships with the Boys and casts that can be traced throughout the season. Since then there are many eggs for sale for fans. People will be surprised when they come on the show, and as the show progresses, what indies Generation V has for The Boys has. The two shows have very interesting connection. But maybe I’m gonna say more than I am, so I’m really excited. The results show up nicely.

    Not only are the cameos confirmed, but we now know that the spin-off story line will have an impact on Season 4. Whenever the future is a mystery, it will be a complete success. Sanders, too, said: “Also that’s what has happened?”

    I am glad people will see this show. I think we’d hope this show would be successful, but in line with the universe Eric Kripke, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg created. And it really succeeded.



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