The Best Street Urchin Cookie Ingredients Created at Cookie Run Kingdom


    Street Urchin is Cookie Run: the Kingdom’s resident badass and mysterious biker. She is an Epic Bomber Cookie who prioritizes the middle position on the team. Bomber Cookies’ abilities are quite varied, so they cannot be created with a single template.

    If you’re struggling to find the best way to build Street Urchin and position it in your team, here are some of my top recommendations for Toppings and Treasures.

    Best ingredients prepared for Street Urchin Cookie in CRK

    Street Urchin Cookie can be treated as a hybrid between an attacker and a support (only for Fire type cookies). The goal is to allow you to stack as many Burn debuffs as possible to increase your DAMAGE output.

    • x5 Burning Raspberry (best in space) – Offers a substantial amount of ATK, allowing Street Urchin to defeat enemies faster.
    • x3 Burning Raspberry + x2 Solid Almond – An alternate build that offers a combination of ATK and DMG Resist, allowing you to improve Street Urchin’s survivability. I highly recommend using this build if you can’t get enough damage resistance bonus stats or are having survivability issues.

    For additional statistics, look for a combination of Damage resistance and ATK to improve Street Urchin’s survivability and damage output. You can also add some cooldown reduction, but don’t go overboard as his base cooldown is already pretty low.

    Additionally, to maximize the performance of Street Urchin, it is best to combine it with other Fire-type Cookies that can try to burn damageincluding:

    I especially like using Cream Unicorn as support for Street Urchin, as they offer an ATK boost to Fire-type DMG.

    Best Treasures for Street Urchin Cookie in CRK

    Being a DPS-focused Bomber Cookie, Street Urchin pairs best with typical ATK-boosting treasures. Since we recommend little to no cooldown reduction for his ingredients, you should give him a Jelly Watch to reduce the cooldown. Below are some treasures that pair well with Street Urchin:

    • Old Pilgrim’s Scroll
    • Sleepyhead Jelly Clock either Soft jelly clock
    • Dream Director’s Whistle
    • Grim Looking Scythe
    • The bright feather of the sugar swan (Sand)

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    Information about Street Urchin’s cookie abilities in Cookie Run Kingdom

    Ride or Fall Apart

    • Street Urchin Cookie rides his motorcycle towards his enemies, dealing damage, inflicting stun, and dealing additional burst damage if the target is affected by Burn. Her CRIT percentage increases and inflicts a Burn and Fire-type damage amplification debuff on enemies. If Street Urchin Cookie or her allies inflict Burn on an enemy, their Fire-type ATK DMG increases. While Street Urchin Cookie is using her ability, she will briefly become resistant to interrupt effects.

    Skill specifications:

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