The best public dungeons to farm in Elder Scrolls online for items and gold



    Clearing public dungeons is one of the best ways to farm items and gold in Elder Scrolls Online. Public dungeons have a low respawn time, contain a decent amount of mobs, and drop rates for items and gold tend to be higher than elsewhere. In terms of public dungeon types, those with Imperial mobs tend to be the best in drop rate, speed, and quantity.

    How can I farm items and gold in ESO?

    In order for this public dungeon farming to be a viable source of income rather than time invested, you need a class capable of doing heavy damage AOEhow do you want to erase a large number of weak mobs Quick. And remember, it’s not just about the gold drops, it’s about the items you can sell for a nice profit, like fragments. So keep a close eye on the markets to see what is selling well. With that said, you can find our list of the best public dungeons to farm in Elder Scrolls Online for items and gold below.

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    Vile Manse in Reaper’s Marsh

    A good race here can win around 3k in total gold value, so the faster you can erase, the better. Always make sure to turn on auto loot to speed up faster and start with as clear an inventory as possible. Not great for articles, but gold very fast.

    Crimson Cove at Malabal Tor

    possible to get 30+k per hour in gold and items, while there is also a chance to get additional items from Spinner, especially Spinner’s Destruction, which can be worth hundreds of thousands. The area is also good if you can solo Dolmens and the Siren boss.

    Razak’s Wheel at Bang’korai

    Once again, there is the potential for 30+k in loot, and there is the potential for Spriggan items. Spriggan armor and weapons they are always in demand. Overall a good area if you like to group together as it is a popular agricultural area.

    If you want to mix it up to vary the grind, also consider forgotten crypts in Deshaan (possible drops of Mother’s Sorrow), rkindaleft Y old orsinio on Wrothgar (Briarheart weapons on the latter), and obsidian scar in Rivenspire (weapons of necropotency).

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