The best moves of Ting Lu in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet



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    Immortality is not a thing in Pokemon. Ting Lu, however, is pretty close to that. With a massive HP stat (base 155), a massive Defense stat (base 125), and an ability that reduces the power of incoming special attacks, Ting Lu is virtually unkillable. Fortunately, Ting Lu also has access to a couple of hazards, as well as some interesting tech moves.

    The best setup for Ting Lu in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

    • stealth rocks
    • body press
    • Whirlwind
    • Ruin/Spikes/Protect

    The basic game plan for Ting Lu is to set up hazards, take out opposing Whirlwind Pokemon, and slowly lower its HP. If trainers are forced to pick a hazard, Stealth Rocks should be the go-to, as they only need to be used once (unlike Spikes, which can stack three layers).

    Thanks to Ting Lu’s massive Defense stat, it already comes packed with a strong Body Press. With this tool, Ting Lu can take revenge on Chien Pao and deal solid damage on things like Gastrodon and Quaquaval.

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    In terms of the finishing move slot, it really depends on what the particular trainer values. Ruin causes opposing Pokémon’s health to drop much faster. However, Ting Lu doesn’t have a recovery move, which means keeping some Leftovers and using Protect is its best form of holding. Ting Lu can also run Spikes and Stealth Rocks on the same set, but it would work better if paired with something that can threaten Rapid Spin users.

    What are the best Ting Lu counters?

    In most cases, Gholdengo is a great counter to Ting Lu. Gholdengo is immune to Body Press and Whirlwind, allowing it one turn to set up Substitute or Nasty Plot. Some Ting Lu, however, execute Earthquake to stop Gholdengo. In this case, strong U-turn users such as Lokix and Choice Band Roaring Moon can make life difficult for Ting Lu. Also, thanks to the lack of recovery, using Toxic on Ting Lu is a great strategy.

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