The Best Captain Caviar Cookie Ingredients Built in Cookie Run Kingdom


    Cookie Run: Kingdom’s Captain Caviar Cookie is a Cookie Bomber who prioritizes the middle position of the team. His big heart and trustworthy personality are reflected in his gameplay, as he can be used as a boss slayer, Arena DPS unit, and world scouting constant, depending on team composition.

    The Best Ingredient Creation for Captain Caviar Cookie at CRK

    Captain Caviar Cookie is strong but soft, so it is best combined with a complete set of solid almonds to improve your DMG Resist. Alternatively, you can build him with a full set of Swift Chocolates to prioritize cooldown reduction, but you’ll need to boost his DMG Resist bonus stats to help with his survivability.

    Best Treasures for Captain Caviar Cookie at CRK

    Captain Caviar Cookie is best paired with a combination of treasures that increase DPS and reduce cooldown, making it a great choice for the Old Pilgrim’s Scroll Y squishy clock. Also, since he can be used as a boss killer, Captain Caviar can also benefit from the pilgrim’s slingshot, which lowers the enemy’s DEF. Remember that it must be activated manually in battle.

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    Information on the Captain Caviar Cookie skill in Cookie Run: Kingdom

    black shark torpedo: Captain’s orders! The Black Shark Submarine will appear at Captain Caviar Cookie’s call, fire 3 Black Shark Torpedoes at enemies and grant all allies Debuff Resist. Enhanced with the latest Republic technology, the torpedoes will target the enemy with the lowest HP (Cookie targets first) in descending order. Once the torpedo hits the target, it will cause an explosion, dealing area damage and inflicting a DEF drop. Captain Caviar Cookie is immune to any type of Fear, since he is a fearless sea lion. While Captain Caviar Cookie is using his Ability, he will become resistant to interrupt effects for a short time.

    skill specs:

    • debuff resistance: +20 percent for 7 seconds
    • Target Torpedo Damage
      • Against cookies: 331.1 percent (+4.5 percent per level)
      • Against others: 132.4 percent (+1.8 percent per level)
    • DMG torpedo area: 195.7 percent
    • Torpedo DMG extra area (summoned creatures): 345.7 percent
    • enemy DEF: -42.0 percent for 8 seconds, stacks up to 1 time

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