The best audio and video settings in Lords of the Fallen


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    While it may not be your first thought when jumping into a game, optimizing your settings can be important to keep the game running smoothly and to ensure you can enjoy it to its full potential. Most settings are really based on the player’s personal preferences, but others can make a difference to your game, including fixing FPS drops or stuttering, so check out our guide below on how to optimize your settings audio and video.

    How to Optimize Lords of the Fallen Settings

    At the beginning of the game, you will have the opportunity to adjust your settings and customize them to your liking. However, you also have the freedom to change them at any time if you have any problems. Simply open your menu and select the Settings eyelash. Here you can adjust video, audio settings and other game functions.

    While some settings are based on your personal preferences, here are some optimizations we suggest for smoother gameplay:


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    Video settings will mainly affect the appearance of your game, but at the same time, it can also affect the FPS. If you don’t care too much about making your game look as realistic as possible, we suggest that you always play in Performance mode, plus make these few adjustments for the best speed and smoothest gameplay:

    • Rendering mode: Performance
    • Motion blur: Off
    • film grain: Off (This is mostly a personal preference, but I usually like to turn it off)
    • Chromatic aberration: Off (Similar to motion blur, these are bits of distortion that could affect FPS and are usually best turned off)
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    The HDR setting is more geared towards the look and feel of the game and will only be accessible if you have a console and monitors/TV that support it. For optimized HDR settings, you’ll want to check your display’s maximum NIT level and set it accordingly.

    * Another change you can make is to disable Camera shakewhich is located under the How to play eyelash. I would suggest that if you experience any dizziness or risk of epilepsy that you do this, but it is not entirely necessary.

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    Audio really isn’t as important as visual settings as it can’t affect your gameplay much. However, there are some small basic adjustments you can make that can help you play more easily. The only change I would suggest is turn down the music volume and slightly lower the volume of the effects. Basically, this is just to allow you to hear enemies and important sounds around you more clearly, but again, this depends on your preferences.

    You can always try these settings or combine them to your liking and test them to see what works best for you. If you ever need or want to change them, you can always do so by going back to the Settings menu and making a few more adjustments. If you are encountering some major lag issues or FPS drops, it may be an unrelated issue that might require you to restart the game or contact the support team.

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