The best arts for each class in Xenoblade Chronicles 3


    It’s impossible to master combat in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 without having a complete understanding of the best gear available. Sure, dealing damage is important, but there are many other things to consider in this matter. Players should not use too many arts with long cooldowns, and should also look to inflict statuses like Break or Daze whenever possible.

    What are the best arts to use in Xenoblade Chronicles 3?

    sword fighter

    This basic class really makes good use of its base kit in the early game of Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Edge Thrust and Sword Break are nice quick arts that don’t have long cooldowns. Some of the other arts, like Shadow Eye, aren’t worth the trouble due to their negative effects after use.


    Wide Slash and Glow Ring are definitely the standouts in this class. Glow Ring can block a single enemy, while Wide Slash allows the user to evade attacks while charging.

    medic gunner

    Myopic Screen is certainly valuable as it applies the Daze effect, which players can combine with other effects such as Break. Power Ring is another good art that raises the Attack of teammates while they are on the field.


    Although it takes a while to get, arguably the best art in this class is Dark Banner. This has the ability to put enemies to sleep, which can lead to some devastating builds. Stormy Skies is also a decent AOE heal.

    heavy guard

    The best arts in this class are the ones that increase aggression, like the Uppercut Slash. Characters in this class are usually very bulky, so players will want them to take the hits rather than other more fragile units.


    The best art in this class is usually Maximum Overdrive, which gives the user increased attack. However, when paired with another character that can inflict Daze (such as a Medic Gunner), Cannonball actually increases the power of him.

    flash fencer

    Cross Impact and Null Slash are the standouts here. Cross Impact provides an attack buff on impact, while Null Slash gives the user a higher critical hit rate.

    war medic

    Advanced cooldown as an interesting tool that could be used to give the squad an area to fight and bulk up while fighting. Heal Bullet is another useful ability to provide that all-important AOE healing.

    Guardian Commander

    The only featured art here is really Shield Bash, which provides a Topple effect. Guard Protection increases block but reduces attack, so it’s hard to judge its effectiveness.


    Leaping Current is a great support tool as it is an AOE that increases attack power. The only other noteworthy art in this class is Divine Protection, which grants Armor Veil to anyone within the field.


    Flashback is a valuable tool in this class just for dealing a Side Break. Energy Grenade creates a field that damages enemies over time. Yumsmith can also make this field empower other attackers with the Resolve art, which also synergizes with other fields.

    full metal jaguar

    The useful arts of this class really depend on what the user is looking for in terms of equipment. Some characters excel at backstriking, in which case Fatal Barrage would help their damage output. Otherwise, Quickdraw is useful for evading, but increases attack from the front.

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    There aren’t too many bind-inflicting arts in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Strategos can, however, with the Earth Bind art. Stategos also gains access to a spawn field with Moondog.


    This is an interesting class because it has an art for each direction of attack (Front, Back, or Side). However, the best overall art for this class is Landslide, as it also allows the user to evade incoming attacks.

    lonely exile

    Lone Exile has access to a very powerful combo. Demon Slayer gives great aggro, which focuses enemies on the user. As the user takes damage, Eye of the Storm becomes more powerful, dealing up to 200% increased damage.


    Raider’s Aerial Slash gives the user free evasion as well as a high critical hit ratio. The other notable Raider art would be Glitter Stream as it offers a Side Break.

    lost vanguard

    This class provides the art Might Beat, which can be used to increase the user’s aggression, as well as inflict the Smash effect on the enemy. Lost Vanguard’s other valuable art is Electro Field, which grants the Armor Veil effect just like Divine Protection.


    Perhaps the most popular art in Signifier is Aureole, which provides a random buff. However, Signifier also has access to Resonant Flag, which shares that buff with all teammates.

    soul hacker

    There are only three arts of this class. The only really valuable one would be Draining Vaccum, which provides AOE Heal.

    Martial artist

    Honestly, every art this class has access to is worth obtaining in some way. The best ones though are Detonating Hit (inflicts Side Daze) and Jackal Claw (provides Evasion and a high critical hit rate).


    Autumn Rain is a fantastic Troubador art as it provides AOE regeneration. Ring o’ Roses can also be useful as it increases cooldown. Other units in this field might appreciate the cooldowns more quickly.


    Unfortunately, most arts in this class do a fair bit of damage to the user. However, sometimes it pays off, like with Inferno Dance, which gives an AOE Blaze effect. Leveling Fire is also a great attack buff at the cost of some health.

    machine killer

    Havoc Slayer is a very interesting Machine Assassin art as it spreads debuffs. Fatal Bite is the other key art of Machine Assassin as it increases the power of Side Attack.

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    This class has some of the best art in the game in Aqua Mind. This phenomenal ability grants regeneration to allies and increases their charge speed. On top of that, Water Lily provides a regeneration field.

    royal summoner

    This class stands out for employing the use of elementals. Summon Element puts them on the field and Elemental Discharge allows them to fight. Royal Summoner can also use Shadow Snitch which can inflict the Bind state.

    nonponic champion

    This class gains Refractive Edge, which creates dodge and high aggression for the user. Tri-slash is the other useful art in this class, as it is guaranteed to break.

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