The artist was prohibited from the art subreddit because his work resembled artificial intelligence


    Artificial intelligence remains controversial. It is used to win an art competition and has already been banned from several galleries.

    Now a true artist is caught in a fire. Minh Nguyen Hoang, who created an art under name Ben Moran, was banned from the R/Art subreddit after a moderator accused him of posting AI-generated artwork.

    The artwork titled “A Muse in Warzone” was posted to r/art two weeks ago and was removed immediately after the postage after the rule of subreddits against memes, AI, filters, or other low-quality artwork. The author is permanently forbidden from the post on the subreddit. He asked not to apologize, but then responded less politely.

    I don’t trust him. Even though you painted yourself, its an already obvious AI-suggested design doesn’t matter to me. If youre really serious artist, then you must find a different style, because A) no one will believe you when you say that you aren’t AI, and B) AI can do more in minutes what would take hours. Sorry, that’s the world.

    It’s really clear why people are suspicious of that art. The moons look like the Eye of Sauron, and its theme and style often used in many popular neural networks is a busty anime lady, with an intriguing backdrop that seems like a shitdly promo video. Despite this, Moran has documents, including PhotoShop files and process outlines, that he shared with BuzzFeed News.

    Moran is a great teacher, too. He works as a lead artist of Kart Studio, a Vietnamese company that produces custom art. A Muse in Warzone was such a work, created by another member of the studio and then completed by Moran. This is one of several books that can be covered in the books 11 of the Selkie Myths fantasy series Beneath the Dragoneye Moons.

    As soon as they realized what the ban was, they began to protest about r/Art. It was apparent that as a result of the fact that the government should not take that course.

    One r/art moderator said they are unpaid volunteers and sometimes they have bad days and sometimes they’re trying to say something in fever. We’re all human. However, they support this ban, explaining that if we change course now, the network trolls could give directions to the community, which does not suit our liking.

    Moran is against AI saying: You can create art in this manner without passion. The biggest problem is that when I get into artificial arts my focus is on the design, all artists will lose their talent for generating paintings.


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