The Adventures game RE:CALL launches January 17, 2023 for Xbox One, Switch, and PC



    In January 2023, a new adventure game from the creator of Evans Remains will be launched. Xbox series, Xbox One, Switch and PC will be developed via Steam on January 17, 2023, announce Whitethorn Games and maitan69.

    Why did Matias return to us after his first game, Evans Remains??, said the founder of Whitetorn Games, Dr. Matthew White. RE:CALL is a brilliant idea, both in narrative structure and gameplay mechanics. Whitethorn are going to cherish the memory that is supporting it.

    This is an overview of the game. The site is Whitethorn Games:


    In the story, players go through a series of visual novel-style adventures in a played-off story. The protagonist has the power to alter his recollection of past events and so that it can affect the present. When a man of minor head damage enters a door, he can avoid the dangers of a person from coming and getting past a door. Learn puzzles, change the thoughts and minds of friends and foes, and change the future!

    Key Features

    • The player’s Story: Get in touch with a powerful narrative-driven adventure with a varied cast of 10 unique characters and each of them has their own uninterested ties with the protagonist.
    • A butterfly flies its wings. Changing the past has immediate consequences in the future. Use this strange power to escape a factory, solve a crime and win over your adversaries.
    • True Detective There’s a lot of mystery surrounding these protagonists. Go do an investigation so that we can find out whos behind it all.

    Watch the trailer below.

    Trailer for Teaser of the release date.



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