The Advent calendar 2022: Day 28 (Players Christmas) What is the time of day for the door on December 24, 2022?


    Today, God of War friends can go to the top of the prize list. For the game, we’ve got an official press kit from the game for you. We’re grateful to PlayStation.

    Advent calendar twenty-two day 28.

    December 24, 2022: God of War’s Press Kit (incl. Controller)

    In the direction of a cult, the warrans travel to his hometown to find answers and friends before their descent to Ragnarok. Santa Monica presents the sequel to the critically acclaimed 2018 God of War movie. As the warriors prepare for a prophesied battle that would lead to a victory, the warriors will end the battle.

    Please make sure the doors for the Advent open until just before midnight.

    This year everyone can benefit from an advent calendar campaign. The GAMES anniversary gift of our partner Acer to you:55% in the official Acer store with the code: GAMES-CH-2022. (valid until December 31, 2022)

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    Entry form: Advent calendar contest 2022: Day 28.

    Everything about the GAMES.CH anniversary advent calendar 2022If you don’t want to depend on your luck, you can buy a god of war-torny with free postage from World of Games.


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