The 20+ games will be released on Xbox in January 2023



    For games that are limited to big players, January is a very interesting month, but 2023 is the best time it has ever been. More than 20 games are now available for purchase on Xbox One and X series X | S in the first month of next year. As of now, the release list is full.

    Here’s the list of releases on Xbox in January 2023: a look of what Xbox has set for the moment:

    The Thrifty Tale (Jan 18) – The Sick-Born:… “Alsams’, -The Exodus, – The Greats of Counties – The Dark Sick (Jan 17) : Towards the End of the Moon (Jan 22) – The Bigs are re-created – The Earth – the Ancients – The Empire! – The Death Of a Dark Sword (Jan 31)

    Game Pass

    Since the game passes are released, we know a lot about six games that will be presented in the month of 2023.

    Persona 3: Portable (January 19) Persona 4 Golden (January 19) Monster Hunter Rise (January 20) Age of Empires 2: Desire (January 31) Inkulinati (January 31) Roboquest (Xbox) (January 31; date has expired) (January 30-23).

    Naturally, in January first, we should expect announcing more games on Game Pass in January.



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