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    The main objective of That’s not my Robloxian is to identify the fake clones before they enter the apartment. So if you are constantly letting fake people into your apartment, here is a complete guide on how to find the clone correctly in that’s not my Robloxian.

    How to find the Clones in that’s not my Robloxian

    You must understand how the game works to identify fake clones of the correct people in your apartment. Here is a list of tips and tricks that will make your life easier.

    Understanding documents and equipment

    First of all, you need to know what documents you have at your disposal and what they mean.

    • Daily Visitor List: The Daily List contains the list of all the residents who want to visit the apartment on that particular day, along with their apartment number.
    • Resident ID: Each apartment resident has a unique ID card with their name, ID number, and expiration date.
    • Application for admission: The Entry Request is a single letter indicating why the resident wants to visit the apartment. It also has the resident’s name and her apartment number.
    • Default checklist: Default checklist document helps you ask questions to your residents if they are missing some documents. For example, if your resident still needs to present identification. Check no for identification and they will provide you with one.
    • Calendar: The calendar is on the left of the screen. Use it to check if the resident ID has expired.
    • Resident folder information: On the right you will find the list of folders containing the details of the residents of each floor. Use the folders to find out the resident’s phone numbers, full names, description and every detail. Use the resident folder to match your
    • Phone: You can use the phone to call the resident and determine if he or she is inside the residence.

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    Preparing your checklist

    Once you understand the documents and equipment you have at your disposal, the next step is to prepare your checklist to determine if the resident is legitimate or a clone. Ask the following questions before making a decision.

    Questions Action
    Does your resident look strange? Check your character’s physical features, such as eyes, mouth, and clothing.
    Does your resident ID have a stamp? Check the cat stamp on your resident ID.
    Is the resident ID still valid? Check your resident’s expiration date using the calendar.
    Do your resident name, job, and apartment number match? Check resident folders for authenticity of resident name and apartment number from resident folders.
    Check resident folders for authenticity of resident name and apartment number. If you think the resident is already home, call them using their phone number and resident folders.
    Does your resident provide the document? Check if your resident provides the required document after requesting it.

    Final verdict

    If all of the above checklists return a positive response, allow the resident to enter the building. However, if the answer to a single question from our custom checklist is negative, call 1188 using the phone number and bring the eviction team to remove the clone.

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