Texas Chainsaw Massacre game server status



    Texas Chainsaw Massacre is an asymmetrical survival horror game that pits the Victims, who are trying to escape, and the murderous members of the Slaughter Family. Servers going down really ruins the fun for me while I chase people around with the chainsaw. Worse yet is when the server outage happens when I’m trying to run away with the skin on my back. If you’re having connectivity issues, let’s see how we can troubleshoot the problem and check the server status.

    Are the Texas Chainsaw Massacre game servers down?

    The surest way to check if the Texas Chainsaw Massacre game servers are down is to check this dedicated server monitor to confirm the outage. Alternatively, you can always check out the developer’s socials, like their Twitter page @TXChainSawGame and their Facebook page The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. The developers are always active on their social media outlets and will frequently use them to provide information on any outages or maintenance downtimes to players.

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    How to troubleshoot the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Error Code 0x0B4D000D

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    If you’ve experienced Error Code 0x0B4D000D while trying to play Texas Chainsaw Massacre, that unfortunately means that the game servers are down. The problem is not on your end, which means that you will have to wait until the technicians fix the issue before commencing the hunt or being hunted yourself in this thrilling survival horror.

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