Tac-Stance, Evolving Loadouts & After-Market Parts


    While much of MW3’s Multiplayer component appeals to nostalgia, it’s not without fresh gameplay innovations. Modern Warfare 3 combines classic features with new ideas in hopes of creating one of the best Call of Duty Multiplayer experiences yet. This primer overviews three of the most notable MW3 gameplay innovations: Tac-Stance, Evolving Loadouts, and After-Market Parts.

    MW3 Gameplay Innovations: Tac-Stance

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    Historically, there have always been two ways to aim in Call of Duty: hip-firing and aiming down sights. Modern Warfare 3 tosses a third position into the mix called Tactical Stance.

    Tactical Stance is a hybrid between hip-fire and ADS. You lose some accuracy swapping to Tac-Stance from ADS, but your mobility and handling stats increase.

    You can enter and exit Tac-Stance by aiming down sights and toggling. Tac-Stance is also the default firing position while Sliding. When you initiate Tac-Stance, your Operator will unshoulder your weapon and hold it as you would if you had a Canted Laser Sight equipped.

    Tactical Stance in MW3 is best used in combat situations where you expect to encounter enemies in close-quarters areas like compact rooms and narrow hallways.

    MW3 Gameplay Innovations: Evolving Loadouts

    What gear your Operator wears matters in MW3 Multiplayer

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    Evolving Loadouts is an expansion on the classic Call of Duty Create-a-Class. In Modern Warfare 3, you can equip your Operator with various attire like gloves, tactical vests, and boots that offer gameplay benefits. For example, there is a set of footwear you can pair with the Covert Sneakers Perk to ensure your movement is silent.

    MW3 Gameplay Innovations: After-Market Parts

    Tune your weapons with After-Market Parts in MW3 Multiplayer

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    Loadouts aren’t the only thing evolving in Modern Warfare 3! Believe it or not, the Gunsmith in MW3 adds another layer to how you can modify your weapons. After-Market Parts is a special set of customisation options that allows you to further tailor your weapons to fit your preferred playstyle.

    With After-Market Parts, you can build one-of-a-kind weapon configurations that alter the stats of weapons in MW3. For instance, select After-Market Parts can turn a machine gun into a bullpup configuration that increases mobility and handling without negatively affecting its damage.

    If you want access to all the After-Market Parts, you must advance down new progression paths and complete additional challenges. Think of After-Market Parts as a souped-up form of Weapon Tuning from MW2.

    Tac-Stance, Evolving Loadouts, and After-Market Parts are just a few of the innovations planned for the game. Stay tuned at GGRecon for the latest Modern Warfare 3 news, including updates on brand-new gameplay mechanics like these!

    Try these gameplay innovations and more firsthand in the MW3 beta


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