Swag slams broken and ‘mid’ Call of Duty classics like Black Ops 2.



    It feels like a lifetime ago when Call of Duty fans were clearly divided between their favorite developers based on how snipers worked.

    Fans of quick scoping and trick shots will have fond memories of Modern Warfare 2, while the competitive spirit will die on the hill that Black Ops 2 was the best Call of Duty ever.

    As one of the most popular CoD players of all time, Chris “The swag” Lamberson falls into the first category, and amid reboots of classic Call of Duty games, the FaZe Clan star has labeled BO2 “mid” and taken a swipe at the old snapping mechanics.

    Swag claims Black Ops 2 was ‘average’.

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    For many, this might strike a nerve, but after reinstalling Black Ops 2 on Xbox, Swagg is less than impressed with the old game.

    Taking to Twitter, the streamer simply claimed “BO2 IS MID” and chose to hop on the Infinity Ward games instead. To further rattle the bear, Swag added, “MW3 Clears” and also joked that the Bo2 faithful were a bit touchy.

    Swag praises FaZe Clan OGs after retrying ‘broken’ CoD snipers

    As a FaZe creator, it’s only natural that the side of the Call of Duty developer battle that Swagg sits on is Infinity Ward, as the Modern Warfare series is synonymous with quick scoping and hitscan snipers that put FaZe on the map via montages.

    However, Swagg has now praised the Clan’s OG members for their sniping skills, saying in a now-deleted tweet on Twitter, “I see why FaZe was so popular in 2011, sniping was bad.”

    The year in which Black Ops 1 was dominated by swag referees until the release of Modern Warfare 3, and both games are not known for sniping, especially the former which used a different technique for zooming when using snipers.

    He moved the goal off center to try and counter quick scoping – though not to much avail. Unfortunately for FaZe and Swagg, snipers have fallen out of gaming lately, and if you’re looking to rekindle your old roots, the classic Modern Warfare 2 is now your only hope.



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