Super Mario Bros Wonder voice cast


    Super Mario Bros Wonder has a pretty large cast of characters for a side-scrolling game. While familiar faces like Mario and Luigi appear, you can also use Peach, Yoshi, or even Toad in this game. That means the game has a pretty large voice cast to go along with it. However, a big question on people’s minds is who will replace Charles Martinet as the voice of Mario?

    Who is the voice cast of Super Mario Bros Wonder?

    Playing Mario for Super Mario Bros Wonder will be Kevin Afghani, a voice actor who also doubles as Luigi’s voice actor. Kevin Afghani replaces Charles Martinet, who has voiced the character since the early ’90s, appearing in classic titles like Mario Kart 64 and Super Mario 64.

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    Players may recognize Afghani as the voice of Arnold in Genshin Impact. His other big role was for Raditz in Dragon Ball R&Ra fandub of the Dragon Ball z animated. Afghani won the job as many fans speculated that other voice actors would voice Mario. Some even thought it would go to Chris Pratt, who voiced Mario in The Super Mario Bros. movie.

    The other voice actors are unknown at this time. We are working on the game and will update this post as soon as we know who voices the other characters.

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