Steam hits a new record of 33 million concurrent users, beating the previous record by one million


    The new day, the new Steam record for users concomitant. Valves service is a pretty much synonymous with PC gaming. It’s not surprising that it still posts many numbers on player engagement and usage. The Valve platform entered the new year with a strong footing and has overcome some impressive milestones.

    Compared to the 32 million reported a few days ago, this service recently reached its highest peak, concurrently count of 33 million users.

    The rise of steam began three years ago in January 2020, when the world began to self-isolate, at the start of the COVID-19 crisis. The old record, set in January 2018, was broken in February, as it failed to surpass the current record by 300,000 and reached a peak of 18.81.2944 players.

    The number of times since then has risen from 20 to 22 since March 2020. We saw an average of 24,7 million users in December 2020, 26,5 million in February 2021, and then 27,1 million concurrent users at the beginning of the year.

    In October 2022, the PC platform was in the first place surpassed 30 million users on the platform. In November, Steam was the third fastest ever online player.


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