Starfield Star Wars mods are already taking over


    Cue the Imperial March and practice your best lightsaber woosh because Star Wars mods are already taking over Starfield like a Clone Army. Much like Skyrim has been kept alive for 12 years due to the modding community, Starfield’s real test of time will be whether YOU want to keep it alive yourselves.

    Bethesda games have always made bank on its various expansions and DLCs, but on the fan side of the community, everything from nudity to romance options has done what the dev hasn’t… or simply won’t. The potential of Starfield mods was already astronomical, and thankfully, we’re seeing it in action.

    Star Wars mods are taking over Starfield

    With Starfield being a Microsoft-exclusive game, you’re relatively limited when it comes to what platform you can play on. Still, there are those who’ve opted for the Steam version due to its improved modding support. Mods are already everywhere, and away from the NSFW ones, we’ve had everything from Thomas the Tank Engine to Star Wars.

    Over on Nexus Mods, the Galactic Civil War Conversion takes us to the galaxy far, far away, and dusts the cosmos with a bit of that George Lucas magic. It’s currently a work in progress which replaces the UC Police with Stormtroopers, although the OP has promised that more is on the way.

    What’s next for the Galactic Civil War Conversion remains to be seen, but in terms of Starfield Star Wars mods, imagine if we swapped Sarah Morgan out for Obi-Wan Kenobi or fought against Darth Vader. Modder kboykboy explains how they want to mod the Freestar Collective as Rebels, giving us the classic good versus evil.

    There are currently only a handful of Star Wars Starfield mods out there, with ship designs for Millennium Falcons, podracers, and a Rebel Alliance spacesuit patch. Still, we imagine it won’t be long until lightsabers and Force pushes are here to enjoy. 

    We’re only scratching the surface of Starfield mods

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    Nexus Mods

    While it’s true that some use mods to swap the Tanished for Shrek in Elden Ring or put the aforementioned Thomas in anything and everything, others use it for graphical and performance issues. Away from that, games like Fallout 4 have been completely overhauled by the likes of the Fallout: London expansion.

    Starfield should be equally expansive, and we imagine it won’t be long before someone mods the game to run like a whole Star Wars RPG. Star Wars games are a dime a dozen these days, but just imagine if Bethesda got its hands on the IP. In the meantime, it’s over to the modders. 


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