Starfield Outpost Transfer Containers: How to get & use


    On the lookout for how to set up and use Transfer Containers in Starfield? In Starfield, Transfer Containers are automated storage systems that allow players to transport mined or harvested resources to their starship. 

    On top of that, Transfer Containers are an important feature in Starfield that makes resource collection and transportation more efficient. Here’s how to build and use Transfer Containers in Starfield.

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    How to build a Transfer Container in Starfield

    To build a Transfer Container, players will need to collect the following ingredients in Starfield:

    • 4x Lubricant
    • 5x Tungsten
    • 8x Iron

    After gathering the required materials, the next step is to set up a resource extractor, which can be found under the Extractors section in the Build menu. You’ll also need a power source that should be connected to the extractor to provide power.

    Take the line from the Extractor and connect it to your Transfer Container.

    The next thing you need to do is connect the Extractor to the Transfer Outpost with an Output Link. For this, you’ll need to reopen the Build Mode and press right-click on PC or RT on your controller to create an Output Link. Now, you should see your collected materials transferring to the Outpost’s new storage.

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    How to retrieve items from the Transfer Container in Starfield

    How to retrieve items from the Transfer Container in Starfield

    Before retrieving items from the Transfer Container, you’ll need to place a Landing Pad near your Transfer Container. This is where you’ll land your ship. Once your ship lands on this pad, you’ll be able to access and transfer all the items stored in the Transfer Container to your ship without leaving it. Select the “cargo hold” option from the pause menu to access the container items while your starship is parked near the container.

    It’s worth noting that the Transfer Container is different from a regular container as they are meant to transfer whatever output you extract from planets, which can either be solid, liquid, or gas. Without a transfer container, you would have to manually move the resources from the extractor to your ship.

    That is it for our guide on building and using the Transfer Container in Starfield. For more, head to our Starfield homepage for more guides like how to buy a house in Starfield, or the best mods to download for Starfield.


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