Starfield Habs Guide – Best Habs and Features, Explained


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    Of the many deep systems in action RPG Starfield, ship construction is probably the most complex. If you have enough Credits, imagination, and creativity you can build pretty much any ship you want. But you’ll also want it to be practical, which is where habs come in. Below you’ll find my Starfiled habs guide, where I explain all the best habs and features credits can buy.

    How to select the best ship habs – Starfield

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    To get started, you’ll need to go to any Ship Services Technician and choose the option, I’d like to view and modify my ships. From there, you’ll need to find your way to the habs menu, where you can select any ship hab you want to acquire. Also, note that habs can be bought directly from manufacturer showrooms, such as the Stroud Eklund showroom on Neon. 

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    1. On the bar at the bottom of the screen, click Ship Builder (or press B).
    2. On the same bar, now select Add (or press G).
    3. In the top right corner of the screen, click Q or T until you find the HABS tab.

    Note that the list itself is quite short, but each line has a sub-menu of options. Highlight the section you want to explore more (4, above) and scroll through the options for that line of the menu using the previous and next variant buttons on the bottom menu (5).

    Starfield Hab features explained

    Habs is an abbreviation of habitation facility, which is a wide-ranging term to describe the infrastructure required to live and work on a space station or craft. Similarly in Starfield, it is used to cover a long list of important rooms and equipment you can add to your spacecraft.

    • Crafting workbenches: Habs are available to bring workbenches to your ship for everything from weapon and spacesuit modding to component and food prep.
    • Game management: You can add beds and chairs to replenish health and pass time, bump up your storage, or add passenger and crew spaces.

    Different habs will add some or just one of these benefits, depending on which one you go for, so choose carefully. 

    Best Starfield habs

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    What you consider to be the best hab is going to be completely down to personal preference. No matter what you want to do in Starfield you’ll find a hab that fits the bill but not everyone wants to spend all their time on a ship. As fast travel is so easy, I find it nicer to spend time crafting or killing time elsewhere. However, these are my favorites:

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    • Armory: For purely looking cool and showing off, the Armory has it. Display cases and mannequins, plus some chest storage space.
    • Computer Core: Gives both crew stations and some extra storage space, perfect for a small upgrade. 
    • Infirmary: If you want to get into the drugs trade (legal or otherwise), an infirmary will set you up with both a Pharmaceutical and Research Lab. 
    • Workshop: If you want to explore crafting and spend time on your ship, the Workshop offers workbenches for weapons, suits, industrial, and research purposes, as well as (occasionally)  passenger slots.

    List of all Starfield hab types

    These are all the types of hab that are available in Starfield. Note that the exact benefits of each hab may vary slightly between manufacturers, so you may need to shop around to get exactly what you want. Be sure the manufacturer’s hab will give you exactly what you want before purchase.

    Hab Type Benefits
    All-in-One Berth Bed, Galley Kitchen, Navigation Console, Passenger Slots
    Armory Weapon and Armor Storage, plus Manequinns and Display Cases
    Battle Station Crew Stations and Navigation Console
    Brig Bed, Storage
    Captain’s Quarters Bed, Galley Kitchen, Storage
    Cargo Hall Storage
    Companionway None (design feature)
    Computer Core Crew Stations, Storage
    Control Station Crew Stations, Galley Kitchen, Storage
    Cross None (design feature)
    Engineering Bay Storage
    Infirmary Pharmaceutical Lab, Research Lab
    Living Quarters Bed
    Mess Hall Cooking Station, Galley Kitchen
    Science Lab Galley Kitchen, Pharmaceutical Lab, Research Lab
    Storeroom None (design feature)
    Workshop Hab Industrial Workbench, Research Lab. Spacesuit Workbench, Weapon Workbench

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