Star Wars Outlaws Preview – Exclusive Details About The Ashiga Clan


    In Star Wars Outlaws, protagonists Kay Vess and Nix must navigate the criminal underworld while interacting with the various crime syndicates that thrive in the period between these events. The Empire Strikes Back And Return of the Jedi.. Key’s standing with these syndicates is primarily reflected in the reputation system, a dynamic mechanic that tracks his ties to these criminal organizations. In the recently released story trailer, we hear the names of the three syndicates present in Star Wars Outlaws: The Hutt Cartel, The Pyke Syndicate, and Crimson Dawn. During our trip to Massive Entertainment, I was able to learn more about the fourth syndicate Kay must balance her reputation with: the Ashiga Clan.

    Massive teamed up with Lucasfilm Games to create the Ashiga clan, as well as other original elements such as Kay, Nix, their ship, The Trail Blazer, and the new moon, Tushara. “Every week, we have several calls with them where we share what we want to do, the intentions, and they challenge us; we go back and forth over the course of several weeks to get the shape. To be able to get the language right, to get the lore right, to make sure it becomes part of the Star Wars canon,” says creative director Julian Garrity. “Ashiga Clan is now part of the Star Wars canon. Toshara is now part of the Star Wars canon. And it’s extremely gratifying when you help design a creature that’s as cute and fierce as Nix and all that.” Be a part of one of the most storied IPs in the world.”

    An Ashiga hive

    The Ishiga clan, which has a large presence on Kajime (a planet most famous for its character). The Rise of Skywalker), finds itself at a crossroads as it pressures Kagemi to move on. “They have a long tradition and some events in recent history have put them at a fork in the road where they can move forward, and they don’t necessarily agree on what the best way forward is,” Assoc. Eight narrative director John Björling says.

    It serves as a hive for Melito species (first introduced in The force awakens. with Circo Plank) with an emphasis on function and survival. “You have this insectoid, humanoid, very ant-like species and it’s adopting the principle of, ‘What would be a crime syndicate that’s basically operating like an anthill – what’s that?’ ‘ “It’s a syndicate with a long tradition, they have a strong hierarchy, and there’s a lot about keeping the hive in front of them,” says Björling. I think these aspects make it stand out as a unique type of crime syndicate.”

    To learn more about how you’ll interact with the Ashiga Clan and its leader Ashiga, visit our feature on how the in-game reputation system works. Star Wars Outlaws comes to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC on August 30. Be sure to check out our exclusive coverage hub via the banner below.


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