Standard and Ultimate Pre-Order Bonuses


    Wonder which one EA Sports FC 24 Which edition is best for you? Well you’re in the right place as we break down what you can expect to get with each edition of the game. EAFC 24 Here’s the next iteration of the popular soccer game released by EA Sports, although this time we have a new name after FIFA pulled the license.

    Notwithstanding this change of license, the game It seems to deliver the authentic football experience we’ve come to expect. As always, there are multiple editions of the game, so we’ll take a look at each edition and see what you can expect as well as how much they cost.

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    How many editions of EAFC 24 are there?

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    This time around, there are only 2 editions Of EAFC 24 On offer, though you’ll get different bonuses on each edition for pre-ordering the game.

    There is also a Nintendo Switch edition of the game, but it’s a less-featured version of the game, made specifically for a handheld that isn’t as powerful as newer consoles.

    Each EAFC 24 edition explained.

    Zidane in an icon kit at eSports FC

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    What is included


    Standard Edition
    • EA SPORTS FC™ 24 PS4™ & PS5™

    Pre-order bonus

    • Cover Star Lone Player item.
    • Male Ambassador loan item
    • Female Ambassador Loan Item
    • Club play style slots
    • Player Career Personality Points
    • Manager Career 5-Star Coach

    Final edition

    • EA SPORTS FC™ 24 PS4™ & PS5™
    • UCL Ultimate Team™ Heroes until 22nd August
    • 7 days early access
    • 4600 FC Points
    • Nike Ultimate Team™ campaign
    • Nike Ultimate Team™ loan and kit
    • TOTW 1 Ultimate Team™ Player
    • All the perks of the Standard Edition

    Here’s everything you need to know about what each edition of the game will offer if you pre-order. If you don’t pre-order the standard edition of the game, you’ll only get the base game and nothing more.

    If you still have some questions about EAFC 24, be sure to check out what we know so far, and be sure to keep reading GGRecon as EAFC 24 gets closer to its release.


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