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    Updated October 3, 2023

    We update our list!

    Do you want to try a new version of the classic Snake game? You can do it with SSSnaker. Available on iOS and Android, this addictive little game will have you sliding around, trying to dodge and catch enemies. To survive at higher levels, you will need to upgrade your snake, spending gold and sometimes gems, a premium currency.

    Gold is the common currency used to unlock skills or upgrade equipment. Gems, on the other hand, can be spent in the store for a chance of getting high-rarity equipment, or they can be used to buy more gold and energy. If you want gold and gems quickly, we have some codes that you can redeem for free, like we do with other similar games, like Please enter the codes below exactly as written, or the codes may not work.

    List of all SSSnaker codes

    SSSnaker codes (working)

    • ssdt—Redeem for 100 gems and 5000 gold.
    • ssstan—Redeem for 100 gems and 5000 gold.
    • sssrg—Redeem for 100 gems and 5000 gold.
    • orange—Redeem for 100 gems and 5000 gold.
    • snake2023—Redeem for 100 gems.

    SSSnaker Codes (Expired)

    • sss666—Redeem for 100 gems.

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    How to redeem codes in SSSnaker

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    Follow these easy steps to redeem SSSnaker codes:

    Screenshot of pro game guides
    Screenshot of pro game guides
    • His game ID is the same as you Player ID. It can be found on the main game screen by clicking on your profile icon in the upper left corner of the screen. Your player ID appears above your level.
    • Enter the SSSnaker codes listed above in the Rewards Code box.
    • Complete the verification test by typing the Captcha numbers next to the Verification Code box.
    • Click the yellow Redeem button to claim your reward.

    All rewards will be delivered to you through your in-game mailbox.

    How can you get more XGAME codes?

    The best way to learn about new codes is to follow the official SSSnaker. Facebook page. Occasionally, they also host simple giveaways that you can participate in by interacting with their social media posts.

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    Why aren’t my SSSnaker codes working?

    Codes often don’t last forever. Some codes may last the entire life of the game, while others may last only days or weeks. The useful life of a code depends on the developer. If a code doesn’t work, you may want to double-check for spelling errors. You’ll also want to make sure you haven’t redeemed these codes in the past. You can always bookmark this page to check and see if SSSnaker has new codes.

    Other ways to get free rewards on SSSnaker

    The best way to build up a stack of gold and gems is to simply play. Otherwise, you have more free gems and gold available for your store that you can get by watching ads. We recommend that you save your gems for rare equipment boxes, as gems are the only currency that can be used for this. Energy and more gold can be earned by playing and occasionally waiting an hour or two to play again.

    What is SSSnaker?

    SSSnaker is a simple but addictive mobile game available on Android and iOS. In it, you will use a touch pad to direct your snake, avoiding enemies while cannons placed on your body shoot them to destroy them. You will fight on as many levels as you can until you are defeated. You will then have the opportunity to upgrade your snake’s skills and equipment to increase its power and then try to take on more challenging levels again and again.

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