Sony multiplies promotions on gifts from PlayStation Store!



    News good plan PS5: Sony multiplies promotions on gift cards of PlayStation store!

    Publication at 18:02 on 2022-12-21 at 18:02

    Christmas and PlayStation are slashing prices on their gift cards for the upcoming FIFA 23 Ultimate team. Of six formulas for sale, the three most expensive, and thus the most expensive ones – all with a 15% discount. Imagine the real boost of creating a dream team.

    Like PlayStation Plus, these gift cards allow you to spend money on the PlayStation Store but with different currencies. This time you receive a penalty based on the FIFA 3rd game.

    If this offer does not impact the number of gift cards of 500, 1050 and 1600 FIFA points, it’s in this case of 2800, 5900 and 12000 FIFA points that you can buy a lot of players and consumables.

    The following prices are listed with discounts.

    PlayStation Store Gift Card with 2800 FIFA Points: 21.24 instead of 24.99PlayStation Store Gift Card with 5900 FIFA Points: 42.49 instead of 49.99PlayStation Store Gift Card with 12000 FIFA Points: 84.99 instead of 99.99.

    On Amazon buy the PlayStation Store 2800 FIFA points gift card for 21.24.

    Buy the PlayStation Store 5900 FIFA points gift card for 42,49 on Amazon.

    Buy the 12,000 FIFA Points Gift Card for 84.99 on Amazon.

    Create an impressive XI with these Ultimate Football Gift Cards.

    The Ultimate Team Modus is designed to introduce a more realistic gameplay than the usual game experience. The tactical aspect of the game is not that big enough to be the ultimate player.

    Like some free games that you play regularly, if you don’t every day, FIFA Ultimate team requires a lot of time to finally get satisfaction from winning on a good team. People take shortcuts because they buy bonuses and save time, which is where these gifts come from.

    If someone refuses to spend a kopek to earn points to FIFA, it must be said that it still increases the chances of winning the rare player. It is not as simple as a single hand, a professional team can do without a Messi or a Mbappe. A promotion gives those who struggle to win a game the chance that their managerial career starts.

    Buy the PlayStation Store 2800 FIFA-point gift card for 21.24. On Amazon.

    Take the PlayStation Store 5900 FIFA points gift card for 42.49 on Amazon.

    Purchase the 125,000 FIFA Points Gift Card for 99.99 on Amazon.

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