Somnus thinks his Dota 2 retirement is reconsidering after the Messis fairytale run at 2022 World Cup



    Dota 2 The International Olympic Games can be considered World Cup games. The best players from all around the world gather for an opportunity to lift Aegis of Champions, but Lu Somnus Yao was dealt the short end of the stick at TI11.

    The four top-fives of the Royal Never Give Up (RNG) team played entirely without warning, and the team of Somnus will go after a good start to the tournament. Following the event, Somnus announced his retirement. However, as a result of watching Lionel Messi in the 2022 World Cup, he has been having first thoughts.

    It is inspirational and touching to see Messi win the championship, said Somnus on Weibo. I was very excited to be back in line when I saw him.

    After expressing his desire to return to the Dota Pro Circuit, Somnus spoke with the manager of the office of the Chinese military and asked him if he had any plans for the new season. The two played together in RNG, and kaka told Somnus that he’d be down to join a team with him.

    Somnus asked kaka about whether or not he worked in stream in the future. And kaka said he’ll follow Somnus arrangement. After that, Somnus said they could find a team to join together. kaka said no problem, he said he’d definitely listen to Somnus about that.

    Dota Nta : Toks on-tr1H4rd3rDota2 December 21, 2022

    Since Wang Ame Chunyu decided after the last season, fans are complaining about the return of the legendary PSG.LGD roster. From 2018 to 2020, LGD included Ame, Somnus, Chalice, Fey and xNova.

    Iteration of LGD was one of the most dominant Dota 2 squads of the time, and gaining all three top-three positions at TI during his time together. Their team enjoyed a high level of friendship, and they were even one of their fan favourites of every event, and their potential return is more than enough to increase the audience’s number.



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