Someone built GTA V in Fortnite



    We’ve seen plenty of elaborate gaming crossovers over the years, and only recently, there’s been an influx like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Street Fighter and the characters of The Boys in Call of Duty. That’s before we get to upcoming collabs between Dino Crisis and Exoprimal, as well as whatever Fortnite has planned next.

    Epic Games’ battle royale behemoth has built its legacy on pop culture crossovers, with frequent collabs with Marvel and Star Wars arguably being its biggest money-maker. Only recently, we’ve seen Transformers and Jujutsu Kaisen make their mark in Chapter 4 Season 3.

    Someone built GTA V in Fortnite

    It seems nothing is off limits when it comes to Fortnite crossovers, although some IPs are potentially out of bounds. It’s hard to imagine Captain Price from Call of Duty jumping off the Battle Bus, and the same goes for Trevor Phillips shooting up a scene in Slappy Shores. Still, someone has built GTA V in Fortnite.

    If you think Fortnite is big, that’s nothing compared to the marketing might of Grand Theft Auto. In particular, 2013’s GTA V didn’t become the biggest entertainment product of all time. We’ve already had the new-gen update, but now, one player has made the most of Creative 2.0 to recreate Los Santos.

    Similar to how we recently saw someone build the indie hit of Only Up! using Creative 2.0 and the UEFN (Unreal Editor for Fortnite), user Ka2aki86 has shown off their GTA-inspired build (via Dexerto). As we race around the streets in a Whiplash, we can’t help but feel like we’re inside a Fortnite-esque version of GTA V.

    Can you play GTA V in Fortnite?

    Unfortunately, Fortnite’s GTA V isn’t playable. The OP also suggests it won’t be released to the public. It’s similar to when one fan created Michael’s home in Fortnite back in March but reiterated the map wouldn’t be released due to legal reasons. Take-Two Interactive is known for being hot on it with its legal eagles.

    Then again, the UEFN build isn’t actually billed as a GTA V clone, it’s simply compared to Rockstar’s open-world epic by fans. Unless the publisher can prove you’ve used any assets or that players will think this is a GTA game, you could be in the clear. Then again, it sounds like a lot of hassle.

    We’ve seen Epic copy ideas of other games before, with the Among Us-inspired Imposters game mode and Fortnite Most Wanted including a similar ‘wanted’ system to GTA. As Fortnite’s graphics only get better, the game could one day adopt the same realistic approach as GTA Online.



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