Slouse MM2 Codes (September 2023)


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    Murder, suspense and terrifying mystery come together in Slouse’s MM2. He plays as the murderer, an innocent or the sheriff as you try to survive or kill everyone in the round. Being the sheriff is my favorite, but I also like the role of the assassin since I get to show off the cool skins I got from Slouse’s MM2 codes.

    Codes in Slouse’s MM2 give you various rewards: you can receive in-game currency, cosmetic skins, weapon skins, and more. While you hide in a closet trying to survive the round, check out more Roblox content, like Supreme’s Murder Mystery Codes, in MyFullGames.

    List of all Slouse MM2 codes

    Slouse MM2 Codes (Working)

    • I LIKE500—Redeem for a purple spiral sword (New)

    Slouse MM2 Codes (Expired)

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    How to Redeem Slouse MM2 Codes

    Redeem codes at Slouse MM2 It’s easier than staying alive. You can use codes from the lobby or while hiding from the killer. Here’s how to redeem codes in Slouse’s MM2.

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    • Start Slouse MM2.
    • Click Inventory.
    • Select the empty text box.
    • Enter the code.
    • Click Redeem to claim your reward.

    How to Get More MM2 Codes from Slouse

    The best way to ensure you get new codes for Slouse’s MM2 is to bookmark this page (we’ll keep this list updated with codes as they’re released). Additionally, you can join the Slouse MM2 Discord and continue MM2 by Zyleak in Youtube.

    Why aren’t my Slouse’s MM2 codes working?

    Codes generally do not work for Roblox games like Slouse’s MM2 for several reasons, the most common of which is using the code after its expiration date (there are dates up to which codes are valid and will not work after that). date). Another reason is incorrect spelling, as the codes must be entered correctly for them to work. Finally, you may need to meet specific requirements or use the code during an event.

    Other ways to get rewards in Slouse MM2

    While codes are a great way to get rewards in Slouse’s MM2, there are other ways as well. You can join the Slouse’s Roblox MM2 Group for exclusive prizes. You can also use the Daily Spin, which updates every day, to claim even more rewards.

    What is Slouse’s MM2?

    Slouse’s MM2 is an assassination game where players are divided into different roles. One player acts as the killer, where he must kill innocent players, while the innocent players must survive and be protected by the sheriff. The sheriff is the only innocent character with a gun, so it’s up to him to defend his team from the killer.

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