Skyrim: A cosplay of Aela the Northern Territory Huntress



    Skyrim, il quinto Elder Scrolls, is one of the most played video games of the last decade. A million copies have been sold. Skyrim has been eleven years of success. It is still the focus of many updates today thanks to the huge number of fans who always think about how to modify it, creating unique changes and addings of different sorts.

    Even though The Elder Scrolls VI is still very far in time, there is only one teaser released years ago that hasn’t been given any follow-up. After all, gamers can see the side of Skyrim as a mod, and now the northernmost region on the continent is where the adventures of the Bethesda house have stayed. Between marshes, fertile, greenlands, lots of snow, or the inaccessible places, there is ample opportunity to go hunting.

    E Aela, the hunter, knows well how to do this because it’s his primary job. In other words, the North, originally from this region, is the largest exponent of The Companions, a guild of warriors who is known to perform various missions in exchange for reward and powers of various kinds. The keen desire to go hunting for Aela as well as being a waswolf is reflected in the work done by Yugoroforge, the cosplayer who in this shot shows off with a leather uniform, a small knife to kill his victims and the black warpaint on his face.

    And he has the talent to be clever, that his own idiosyncrass is even dangerous.



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