Sky: Children of Light contrast with nature’s days.

    • Want to help keep the world clean? Now you can with the hit MMO Sky: Children of the Light.
    • In their Days of Nature event, in-app purchases go towards supporting The Ocean Cleanup.
    • This charity works to keep the world’s waterways clean.

    It’s not unusual for us to see games promoting philanthropic causes these days. And the latest MMO to do so is Sky: Children of the Light, via a special Return of Days nature event.

    Nature Days bring a whole new set of dangers to players in the Prairie Peaks region. By exploring Prairie Peaks during the event you can earn event currency that can be spent on a variety of cosmetic rewards, including nature view packs, unique masks, hairstyles and more!

    The Days of Nature event also helps with real-world conservation work, as GameCompany’s developers are teaming up with The Ocean Cleanup, a charity that helps clean up polluted waterways around the world. Helps clean out plastic and other debris.

    In-app purchases made during the Days of Nature event on Sky: Children of the Light will go towards supporting The Ocean Cleanup in their mission to keep the world’s waters clean.

    Clean up everywhere on the aisle.

    Keeping the world’s waterways clean is a more than admirable goal. So we’re glad to see that GameCompany is helping out with The Ocean Cleanup. Naturally, we wouldn’t claim that this is an entirely good practice, as each business measures the advertising value of these types of collaborations. But every little bit helps.

    Not only that, but for the more selfish among you it also offers new content and a whole host of special rewards to earn, which is always nice!

    Want to get out into the natural world and help make the world a better place? Then visit Nature Days from May 27!

    And if you want to see what other games are getting our attention (though we can’t promise they’re all helping the planet), why not check out the best mobile games of 2024 (so far) Check out our list?


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