Siuuuu. No more: Cristiano Ronaldo, after joining Al-Nassr, downgraded in FIFA 23 on the likes of FIFA 3


    In FIFA the overall rating of Cristiano Ronaldos is below 90 for the first time in 10 years after EA Sports nerfed his card from 90 to 88 in FIFA 23s casual modes Kick Off and Career mode.

    The Portuguese’s statistics were downgraded following the FIFA World Cup in December and his transfer to Saudi Arabia’s Al-Nassr on Dec. 30 after his departure from Manchester United ahead of the World Cup. Ronaldo has the lowest score of the year since the 2006 FIFA 07 soccer simulator game gave him 87 of the top eight.

    Ronaldo had 81 ball caps, 92 shootings, 78 passing, 82 elbows, 34 restrainings, and 75 physicality earlier. Now that he is only a 88-rated card he has 79 Pace, 91 Shooting, 76 Passing, 83 Dribbling, 34 Defending and 74 Physicality.

    Screengrabs are available on EA Sports.

    While the transfer to Al-Nassr was mediocre at the World Cup, he missed out on the top 30 % of the scouts on the form of Kick Off and Career mode, Ronaldos’ overall rating won’t be decreased in the Ultimate Team, the most popular mode of FIFA 23, in which players combine their clubs to become the best.

    The three-way base card in Ultimate Team is aimed to earn 90 overall ratings. He’ll only change from Manchester United to Al-Nassr, which by itself could give some players a headache if it wasn’t because he’d link him to chemistry. The Saudi Arabian league has a lot of great cards like the Premier League has in Ultimate Team.

    Ronaldo received two more cards during the FIFA 23s Ultimate Team cycles. He has a 87-rated Flashback card added in December 2022, which celebrates his first time in Manchester United, and an Rulebreakers card released in October 2022.


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