Sins of the Solar Empire introduce new factions, units and more with the current update


    Stardock and Ironclad Games released a technical preview of Sins of the Solar Empire. The update adds the TEC Rebel faction, new and updated game systems, additional units, a random map, and more.

    The official press release says that players were able to play as the TEC Loyalist faction before, but now they can also play as the TEC Rebel faction with an expanded roster for both sides so they could jump into the fray. There were no new capital ships, namely the dreadnought Marza, the battlecruiser Dunov and the sowjet aviation carrier, and a new frigate, called the Moodle.

    The new faction and the new units are introduced to a new culture system. This mechanic allows ETC to spread its influence through post-mortise, tidbit and trade networks. These structures can boost trade growth, change relations with neutrals, to destroy enemy forces and more. As an enemy occupies enemy space, the structures present might even help the populace revolt, provoking an uprising that will threaten its position. This is a example of how Sins of a Solar Empire 2 develops asymmetrial gameplay, and more aspects are shown with the addition of more factions and systems.

    Early Access is an important part of our development process and we have had fantastic feedback from the players so far, said Brian Clare, director of the Publishing at Stardock. The feedback we received has helped shape some of our designs.

    Based on our player feedback, the research system has been updated to give it an ease to see the entire research tree. Technology is now divided between military and civil levels, and this requires a certain number of laboratory workers to open. Once the level was unlocked, players may examine all of the items that are in this level. The exploration screen UI is also upgraded to make it easier to view various items.

    New ships, buildings and an expanded random map type give early access players even more options to explore, and re-installed graphics, map maps, and audio.

    The players who join us at the beginning of this exciting development may really help shape the game, Clare said. If you want to participate in that process, then it’s time.

    This long-awaited sequel follows on in the footsteps of its popular predecessor and combines real-time strategy and 4X gameplay for an epic space conflict. Equally exciting and intense, Sins of a Solar Empire 2 introduces a new level of graphical detail and raises the bar on what it means to be the ruler of an empire of vast size.


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