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    There are many ways to play The Sims 4, why not do it with a challenge? You could try the Not So Berry challenge, but I also enjoyed playing the Disney Princess challenge. It’s easy to play and gives you tons of in-game time. Here’s how to complete it!

    What is the Disney Princess Challenge in The Sims 4?

    The Disney Princess Challenge is a generational challenge for The Sims 4, where players have a matriarch who represents a different Disney princess for each generation. Each princess has a different standard that you must adhere to within the challenge, the order of the princesses being:

    • snow White
    • Cinderella
    • tiana
    • dawn
    • Ana
    • Rapunzel
    • Belle
    • mulan
    • Jasmine
    • Merida

    In addition to the rules (discussed below), the general idea is that each of the princesses resemble their respective inspirations. This means that you should try to make your Tiana Sim look like Disney Princess Tiana, and the same with the rest.

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    How to play the challenge of the Disney princesses in The Sims 4

    Screenshot from MyFullGames
    Generation/Princess Guidelines Goals/Aspirations
    snow White – Same father for all children
    – A negative trait for each child.
    – Do not open the door to strangers.
    – Do not talk to older Sims, specifically women.
    – Every child gets A’s in school
    – Have each child complete their aspirations
    – Have seven children in total.
    Cinderella – Cinderella has the Neat and Foodie traits
    – Have Cinderella clean and cook for everyone in the family
    – Marries after the death of his mother.
    – Have up to three children, but at least one
    tiana – Tiana has the Ambitious trait
    – Father dies before she reaches young adulthood
    – Marry a Sim that has some kind of prominent green color to show that it was a frog.
    – Have and finish the aspiration of Food
    – If you own Dine Out, make Tiana own a restaurant
    – Have at least one child
    dawn – Aurora has the Lazy trait
    – Begins when Aurora is a young adult
    – No more than three friends per parent.
    – Sneak out at night to meet your boyfriend, without getting caught by your parents.
    – Elopement with a partner, without a wedding ceremony
    – Have two children, preferably two girls (at least one must be a girl)
    Ana – Avoid talking to your sister/brother until young adulthood
    – Having a near death experience because of the Criminal boyfriend
    – The first boyfriend is a Criminal
    – Become best friends with your sister/brother in young adulthood
    – Marrying a new partner
    – Have one or more children.
    Rapunzel – Rapunzel has traits of Art Lover and Loner
    – He only goes to school, he has no side jobs or extracurricular activities.
    – Only make friends after marriage.
    – Reach painting level 8 before becoming a young adult
    – Elope with your spouse without marriage
    Belle – Bella has the bookworm trait
    – Make your Spouse human again after the firstborn
    – Date 5 Sims before meeting your spouse
    – Make your spouse an alien or a werewolf
    – Have one or more children.
    mulan – Astronaut Career
    – Mulan has the Active trait
    – Find a romantic partner at work.
    – Have at least one child
    Jasmine – Best friend or pet named Raja
    – It starts when Jasmine is a teenager.
    – Only leave the house to go to school, until you meet the love interest.
    – Marry a criminal Sim with low funds
    – Give up Jasmine’s funds for a new life
    – Have a maximum of four children.
    Merida – Merida has the Self Confident trait
    – Having brothers and mothers “killed” in an accident
    – Not having children or getting married
    – None, since this is the last generation.

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