Sims 4: All fears and how to get rid of them – Guide to fears and desires


    The Sims 4 has plenty of customization options, traits, all the special aspirations and more to help you have a fresh and personalized experience every time you play. You can delve even deeper into your Sims’ lives with their own unique fears and desires. Wants and Fears has replaced Whims in Sims 4, allowing for more realistic and character-appropriate activities or obstacles based on her personalities.

    What are fears and desires in Sims 4?

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    Wishes are random activities that keep popping up for your Sim to perform based on their liking. These simple things can be changed or fixed if you want your Sim to complete them over a longer period. These do not need to be completed if you do not want your Sim to complete them. However, fears are a bit different.

    Your Sim may develop a fear over time based on failure or harmful interactions with other Sims or specific tasks. They can affect your Sim’s mood and make it difficult for them to perform certain activities. Don’t worry. You can overcome fears if you don’t particularly enjoy enduring them.

    List of all Sims 4 Fears

    Here’s a list of all the current fears in Sims 4, including how your Sim can develop them:

    fears: triggers:
    Fear of failing tests fail an exam
    Fear of failing in extracurricular activities Poor interactions when completing extracurricular activities
    fear of ghosts a ghost encounter
    fear of the dark Accident or scary encounter at night.
    Fear to fail Poor performance at work or poor-quality workmanship.
    Fear of crowded places a crowded lot
    Fear of disappointing parents Bad interactions with parents.
    fear of being judged Bad interactions with others.
    fear of fire an accident with fire
    Fear of dead-end work Long time no rise
    fear of homework Forgetting to complete the task or shoddy task
    fear of swimming A terrifying incident while swimming
    Fear of unfulfilled dreams Long time without completing a Want
    fear of death witness a death
    fear of cow plants Eaten by a Cowplant
    Fear of failing classes Failing a class or receiving bad grades
    fear of being cheated Bad interactions with the partner

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    How to get rid of fears in Sims 4

    Even if your Sim develops fear after a bad interaction or an accident, you can still help them overcome it by completing a resolution activity. Each fear will require a different way of dealing with it, so here is a list of how you can get rid of each one:

    • fear of death: Discuss the fear of death with another Sim, give a Grim Reaper a Deathbloom
    • fear of ghosts: Fight a ghost
    • fear of being cheated: Talk about relationship fears with your partner
    • Fear of crowded places: Be funny in a crowded lot
    • fear of fire: Extinguish a fire
    • Fear of unfulfilled dreams: Fulfill a wish, talk about fears with another Sim
    • fear of being judged: Resolve a conflict with another Sim
    • fear of a cow: milk a cow with confidence
    • fear of swimming: Swim for an hour with confidence
    • fear of the dark: Feel safe outside at night
    • Fear of a job with no future: Select Regain passion in your Sim before going to work
    • Fear to fail: Showcase high-quality handmade items or request a Job Performance Review
    • Fear of disappointing parents: Discuss fear with parents
    • fear of homework: Complete the task with confidence
    • Fear of failing in extracurricular activities: Successfully complete extracurricular activities with confidence
    • Fear of failing tests: Score well on an exam and complete exams with confidence
    • Fear of failing classes: Pass a class successfully

    The best way to overcome any fear is to argue with another partner in the game or successfully complete an activity that your Sim has previously failed. It may take a few tries to get over the fear for good, but keep at it. Keep an eye on your Sims icon in the bottom left as well to see when an additional wish is added to the list. This is usually a way to overcome fears.

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