Sim Wong Hoo died, he was the founder and head of Creative Labs and Sound Blaster


    He founded the Creative Technology e Sound Blasteris in the United States on the 4th of January 2023. In 2000 he received some information about his company, called Creative Labs.

    Wong Hoo established Creative Technology in 1981, in which he followed the call of the government for almost every single moment. Eventually, he became a proponent of the system’s earliest inventions; it then became a proponent of a modernization of the sound and audio field on PCs. The company gained international fame after founding the creative music system in 1987, and immediately reached international fame in 1989, with the first Sound Blasters in charge and then conquered the market.

    The sound blower came alive, with the introduction of the Sound Blaster proving a substantial change in the ethos of the hardware PC and support software, thereby beating Ad Lib which had already dominated the market at the time, so it ran dripping in 1992.

    Sound Blaster sound cards continued to set the standard for dedicated audio gaming throughout the 1990s and 1990s, starting with the Sound Blaster Pro in 1991. With the advent of integrated sound cards, the sector saw a dramatic change in the past decade. Creative Labs remained focused on high-level sound cards, specializing more in professional solutions.

    Creative is well known for his legal litigation with Apple in 2006: The Apple device was developed to perform the same thing that the Zen players performed to the name of the company were developed by Creative, so it was possible to settle the price of a hundred million dollars that the company of Sim Wong Hoo paid for the first purchase of a iPod.

    Creative remembers its founder as an inventor and entrepreneur who voiced the PC, adding that He would become deeply missed. The company doesn’t report the cause of death, but it said that the founder died peacefully.


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