Silent Hope All Base Camp Facilities Explained


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    Not only do all Silent Hope characters have various skills to use in battle, but they also each have a different crafting experience. They’ll put their talents to use at your base camp, allowing you to produce materials and create upgraded equipment for them to use as they venture deeper into the Abyss. Here’s a look at all the facilities you can have and what they do for you.

    All the facilities and what they do at Silent Hope

    At your base camp, you will have multiple different facilities that you can use to create materials and equipment for your characters based on each of their special skill sets. You’ll want to know how to use each one so you can continue to give your character buffs and improved equipment they can use in dungeons.

    In each installation, you can select the Create option to add material to the order queue. Each item being crafted will take a while to finish, depending on the type of item it is. You can unlock more slots for queued items as you level up your facilities and speed up ordering speed using Runes collected in dungeons. Here’s a look at what each of them can do for you:


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    The workshop allows you to create wooden materials used to make various equipment. You will need to collect wood from the logs in the dungeons to bring it here to begin the crafting process.


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    The Atelier is another important facility for creating the materials needed for crafting. It can be used to craft stones, rocks, gems, and other goods that are used to turn them into potential equipment.

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    The Forge is probably one of the most important facilities you will need to use in your Base Camp because it is what is used to create or upgrade your characters’ equipment based on the Item Memories you find in the dungeons. You can craft weapons, rings, and other jewelry in the Forge, but you’ll need the right materials to do so.


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    The Farm is where you can take care of your animals at your Base Camp, such as cows and chickens. You can queue up to collect eggs and milk after a short time and use these materials to create meals in your kitchen.


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    Very similar to the Farm, you will also have a Fields installation. The fields are where you will be able to grow crops, such as fruits and vegetables. You can plant crops by finding plant seeds in dungeons. Fruits and vegetables, such as eggs and milk, are used to create meals in the kitchen.


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    The kitchen is where the magic of your food will happen. Use the food materials you collect at the Farm and Fields to cook various dishes. These dishes will have different buffing effects, which can be applied before entering a dungeon and help buff your character.

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    The Warehouse is slightly different than its other facilities in that it does not necessarily make items or materials to order. Instead, it is more of your storage space, where you can equip or view designed equipment. Certain items will be synced to a character, allowing them to be equipped only for that particular character, but you can also use Storehouse to unsync them.

    How to Increase Facility Work Levels in Silent Hope

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    All installations will display a level at the bottom left of their menus. The more you use the facility, the more XP it will earn and eventually level up. Leveling up a facility will not only free up another slot for orders, but will also allow you to increase your job levels. When you increase a facility’s work level, you will improve its production efficiency, allowing queued orders to finish more quickly without the use of a Rune.

    Make sure you use each of your facilities as much as possible. You will need a lot of materials to continue crafting equipment and improving your character’s stats. This will help you progress through dungeons much more easily, especially as they become more difficult.

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