Should you take Raphael’s deal in BG3? Choices and Outcomes


    Baldur’s Gate 3 has a rich narrative so you have plenty of decisions to make, and the kind of choices you select will decide your journey in-game. One of those choices includes making a deal with the devil Raphael and taking his deal will help you cure the Illthid parasite. As enticing as the offer may seem, it’s best to know all your options and their outcomes while dealing with the devil. So, if you are about to meet him or you aren’t sure about your next steps, here’s what you need to know.

    Where to find Raphael in BG3

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    After reaching Wyrm’s Rock in Act 3, you will start with the Rivington waypoint. Travel north from here to discover and activate the South span of Wrym’s Crossing. Raphael will be waiting on the upper floor of Sharess’ Caress (X: 24 Y: 80) building located north of the South Span of Wyrm’s crossing waypoint.

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    What is Raphael’s deal in BG3?

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    Raphael will entice your character by offering a cure for the Illthid parasite and choosing to take it fetches a cure for the tadpole along with the Orphic Hammer (if you sign his contract). The devil’s deal isn’t ever so simple and signing it means you’ll have to do something for him in return. He would ask you to get the Crown of Karsus that controls the Elder Brain. In exchange, he provides a cure for the Illthid parasite.

    It is up to you whether you want to take Raphael’s deal or not but it will remain available later if you change your mind. There are advantages and disadvantages to taking Raphael’s deal, and we have outlined both choices below. You can always have multiple game saves to explore both choices.

    What happens if you take Raphael’s deal in BG3?

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    If you take Raphael’s deal you will be given the Orphic Hammer which can be used to save Orpheus (the Githiyanki Prince) trapped in the Astral Plane. Also, you will face disapproval from your party members such as Karlach for signing the contract. However, if you sign the contract, there is a loophole that allows you to get out of the deal by visiting the House of Hope.

    I suggest not taking the deal but if you do, betray Raphael as you can get a ton of good loot from this boss and from the House of Hope.

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    What happens if you don’t take Raphael’s deal in BG3?

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    If you refuse to take Raphael’s deal, you will not get the cure or the hammer. However, there is a method to obtain the Orphic Hammer from the House of Hope. This is the place where Raphael has kept Hope as a prisoner and you can release her by going to this location (which can be accessed through a portal and a ritual needs to be done to open it). Once you enter the House of Hope, take a right where you will find Hope in a room, and upon releasing her, she will give you the Gloves of Soul Catching as a reward.

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    Enter the Archives Room opposite it on the left, you will find the Orphic Hammer sealed with a magic spell. However, if you signed the deal, then you will already have the hammer and will find your contract instead. Additionally, you will find other vital objects such as the Amulet of Greater Health, and Gauntlet of Hill Giant Strength in the same room.

    What happens if you betray Raphael in BG3?

    Once you have signed Raphael’s deal, he expects you to do his bidding but if you betray him then it’s a different story altogether. Regardless of the deal, if you go to the House of Hope, find the contract, and release Hope, he will appear for a fight before you can exit the location.

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    Raphael appears with Yurgir at this location, another foe you might have encountered at the Gauntlet of Shar. You can speak to Yurgir to fight for your party by betraying the devil. Raphael is a difficult boss to beat, but you will have Hope to help out in the fight against the devil. After he’s defeated, you can collect the Helldusk Armor (Legendary) as a reward.

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    I, however, did not take Raphael’s deal in the first place so I did not have the hammer. But I did go to the House of Hope to get the Orphic Hammer and released Hope. As mentioned, he was waiting at the exit for me and I had to fight my way out.

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